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Important Life Lessons Self Discipline Taught Us

When was the last time you felt in control of your life and that no matter what happens you can make it ? I’m sure that at the moment you had a high level of self-esteem which translate to high level of self-discipline. Self mastery comes from the continuous development of this quality and without it any attempt of achieving goals and dreams becomes abortive. If the concept of self-discipline is new to you and your conscience then this simple definition will clarify it, Discipline is ” doing what you are supposed to do whether you feel like it or not “.

Why is it important to have it ?

You must understand that in order for you to achieve big dreams it will take everything in you and more. That’s why it is absolutely essential to work on developing yourself and character for that kind of road. The road to success is filled with bumps and challenges, that’s part of the game. Self-discipline will help you overcome that, because every time you will think about quitting you can use this amazing human quality to recharge your faith batteries and keep going on. It’s easy to have low morale today and feel discouraged and lazy about changing your circumstances. I mean if you watch the news or you talk to your friends and family , many times the information flowing in those environments is purely poisonous. Your mind can be easily distracted and tricked into doing secondary activities that have no value whatsoever for developing your future self. It is of utmost importance to know this truth about life. You can’t rely entirely on your mood to do anything of value. Your mood is subject to the constant territory fight between your intellect and emotions, you shouldn’t depend on that to conquer thyself. That’s when discipline comes into play . It overrides that conflict of mind and heart and uses your spirit to do what you are supposed to do, no matter how you feel or what you think. It’s extremely commanding.

“You never will be the person you can be if pressure, tension and discipline are taken out of your life.


How can you develop this quality ?

One of the things that you must understand before diving into the how to, is that this can potentially be one of the most challenging tasks you will ever do. Everything in you, meaning your habits, your beliefs, your mental conditioning will resist the development of this amazing quality. In other words, your older-self will resist the new you. Acknowledging this fact will help you overpower this resistance.

What I recommend for people to do in order to master their life is to learn more about who they are at the moment, so they can have a clear idea about what needs to be changed. Once you do that start writing these questions and put them somewhere where you can see them everyday on your wall, phone or computer. The questions are as follows :

  • What are my goals one month from now ? ( be exact and specific )
  • What is it about me that can stop me from achieving them ? ( mostly liabilities )
  • What qualities must I acquire to achieve them ? ( mostly abilities)
  • Am I willing to trade answer 3 with answer 4 ? ( be truly honest )

This list of questions is not exclusive, you can add any questions that you think might help you develop discipline. In my experience repeating this process over and over will give the drive and energy to stay disciplined. Like we discussed before, the outside world is filled with distractions in every corner. Your job is to stay focused and determined. It’s what psychologists call the tunnel vision. You can only see the goal and anything in your peripheral vision is ignored. I must warn you that many times, people in your circle will find this kind if attitude selfish and unreasonable. You must be honest with yourself about how badly you want this. Whenever you face these allegations remember why you are fighting for this, why is it so important for you, and don’t expect others to understand you or appreciate you.

One quality to rule them all

After you have achieved a certain level of self-discipline it will automatically be part of your character. The more you practice it the easier it will be for you to keep it and upgrade it. Ounce you will taste the great benefits from this amazing quality you will never want to go back, I totally guarantee you this. You will also know when you are lacking in this department because of the circumstances happening to you or for whatever reason, you will feel a lack of drive and belief, that’s when you start again in the process of resurrecting your disciplined self. It’s okay to lose this quality sometimes, as the saying goes ” life happens “, but this in no sense should keep you from acquiring it again and again and again. Until it becomes a huge piece of who you are and seldom will it diminishes.

Faith is a powerful tool to use for keeping your spirit up, guess what ! Self-discipline is the drive of it.  Without it all the other qualities start to fade away. I’m sure that many times you felt highly motivated for doing certain things but because you didn’t act on that drive you went back to feeling powerless and unhappy. In that context, the lack of self-discipline is therefore the lack of the other essential qualities for success. Motivation won’t cut it, commitment can’t help it, Belief won’t do it … Discipline and perseverance alone are omnipotent.


February 8, 2017

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