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The Shocking Revelation of Life Regrets And Moving Forward

Regrets ! Life is full of them, no matter how hard we try to avoid having them. We always fall short. Actually that is not a bad thing in itself, we are not perfect being, we made mistakes, we are making them, we will make them. There is no escaping this reality. However, we can learn quite a lot from these regrets thus making them a valuable lesson for the future.

Don’t beat yourself down for past mistakes 

It’s a very natural inclination for us to beat ourselves down after we screw up. Maybe there was a better way for you to end a relationship but you didn’t, maybe you didn’t take the time to follow the right legal procedures and now the business is gone or maybe you woke up one day only to realize that you drifted for 10 years from your goals and ambitions. There is always something that we did in the past that maybe we wouldn’t do now. As the saying goes “if we knew better, we would do better”.

It is rather safe to say that being human translates to making lots of mistakes. Regrets on the other hand are a different story. It is that nagging voice within our consciousness about what we did or didn’t do while we had the chance, but now it’s too late. We certainly can’t go back in time and fix whatever we regret about. That is why it doesn’t help us to feel bad and miserable because of our past experiences. It is in the past. What’s done it’s done. There is no changing that. We must understand this reality, so we can grow from it and expand our knowledge. That is what we will discuss in the next paragraph.

Learning from the past is the beginning

We only have two choices when it comes to regrets, we either let them destroy our present or we can learn from them to create a better future.I would recommend the later choice. That is how we grow as intellectual and spiritual beings. It is easy to let regret kill you from the inside, it’s like a bacteria that will either be good or bad for us, the again that affirmation is in our hands. The choice is always ours.

Here is how you can deal with any regrets you face ; don’t spend more than a couple of minutes thinking about what actually happened, and spend the remainder of your time thinking about what you can do now and in the future to improve upon it. When you start this thoughts process , you will have a challenge with the gravity of the past. It’s strong and enticing. But you are stronger than it. Control your thoughts and it will have no power over you. If you start thinking too much about how bad your experience was and why you were unlucky or any negative thinking, Stop yourself immediately. Don’t buy into it. I am telling you ! it’s of utmost importance to stand up to that voice inside your head. Because if you don’t, you will open the door for regret to kill your spirit. I honestly can’t stress this point enough.

Your own life experience can be a wonderful guideline for your future. The secret to continuous self-improvement is go master self-learning. Reflecting on the past so it can be a mentor we go back to for more wisdom. The power behind this practice of consistent self-learning is that you become also self-reliant. You trust your sense and logic enough to reevaluate your strategies and philosophies for a better you ( upgraded you ).

Remember that regret in itself is a negative thing. We can simply change it to a more positive and uplifting philosophy. The philosophy of learning from experience.

“Regret is an appalling waste of energy; you can’t build on it, it’s only good for wallowing in . —



February 8, 2017

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