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Preparations You Should Make Before Using Visualization

The power of visualization is something beyond our understanding. But we do know it works. How come one can visualize his dreams in a couple of minutes and then have the energy and power necessary to accomplish them ? It’s because we are not only emotional and intellectual being but also spiritual being. This other dimension gives access to different levels of existence itself. The visualization process is not restricted by place nor time. You can see yourself in the future or past anywhere in the universe. That is a power that extends way beyond our visual reality. I do believe that with this kind of access one person can literally get a glimpse at the future and in many cases change it entirely as far as his own future is concerned.

What is visualization exactly ?

I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard some of the most successful people talk about how they visualized their goals clearly and made them real afterwards. Visualization is simply having a clear vision of the future you desire by using your imagination. If you understood this definition by now then it will be evident to you that visualization is also creation. You are creating a whole new world in your imagination driven by your desires and expressing your fantasies.

Visualizing your future is a sure way to know exactly what your future will look like before it is happening. It is a powerful tool that humans are blessed with. Imagination. No other species on this planet possess it. It is truly a marvelous ability. No time, no space, no limit. Only how much you want from it.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve “

– Napoleon Hill

Imagination also allows you to see beyond your current circumstances. In some ways it distract you from your present reality so you can focus on how to change it for the better. I was born in a small mining town in Morocco, North Africa. I had a rough childhood and was raised in what I consider a negative environment. If I didn’t use visualization to imagine and day-dream about my future , I’m sure that I will be in the same place with the same reality as of now. It’s a long shot for me to get out of there and seek my place in the world. I can tell you from personal experience that visualization played a big role in helping me do that. I use it still every moment of my life, and without it I feel weak and doubtful.

How to visualize with absolute clarity ?

When it comes to how to visualize, it is important to know that clear visualization is a very serious process, meaning it requires a lot of attention and effort from you to make it work. A lot of folks don’t quite understand this, they just do it with no faith or seriousness, and then complain about the ineffectiveness of this tool. Another thing to understand is that visualization doesn’t require necessarily a quite place, many times visualization can happen in the most crowded and noisiest places, but because you somehow you create this tunnel vision regardless of where or who is around you, everything else just fades away.

You can however, use a quite environment to really boost the experience. The way I do it is as follows ; before waking up from my bed I stay there for 15 or 20 min ( it depends on you ) and begin the process of imagining and visualizing. The reason I do it just after waking up from sleep is that the subconscious mind is operating still at high levels ( in our sleep dreams the subconscious mind is fully operational ). This way the imagination becomes more vivid and powerful. You can also try it with some classical music, it surely helps a lot. I’m sure that many if you had the experience of driving a car or being on a train and listening to music and then your mind just drifts away. But usually this kind of subconscious behavior is automatic and mostly negative. You start thinking about how people e have done you wrong or why someone is not expressing his love to you or how your life is such a mess … etc. We are surely not talking about that kind of imagination. What we are talking about is controlled imagination.

Meditation is another way to enhance your visualization process but we will keep that for another subject. It requires a section on its own.


February 8, 2017

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