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3 ways to overcome psychologically bad days

There is no shortage of bad days in life. No matter what we do or how we live our lives, there will come a time when you will face a major challenge that might seem like a bad day to you. It might be a relationship breakup or a financial crisis or a family tragedy, anything that basically puts a negative impulse in your universe. Now the question is: how can you overcome that and move on in your life with more energy than ever ?

Self-mastery is a must

One of the most important things to engage in before mastering yourself is to know who you are at the moment. You must assess your situation and define your character. Who am I ? What values I believe in ? What are my ideals ? Knowing thyself will enable you to progress in your quest for more control over you. Plato ounce said “The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself; to be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile.”

You must have an insane belief about your ability to master yourself and your behaviors. If you don’t have that kind of character it will be impossible for you to control your thoughts about the situation in hand. Don’t just let that negative voice inside of you tell you whatever it believes. You must understand that this voice is not you , it might sound like it is your logic or sense speaking , that is not true. 94 % of the time that voice is negative and is a result of your mind programming from the outside world. It will take everything in you to stand up inside yourself sometimes and say “shut up”. That is your first step to self-control.

Let’s say that you were fired from the job you love for whatever reason, the dominant thinking of our society will tell you that this is a bad event in your life , that you must feel bad, how are you going to pay your bills ? it was unfair what they did to you … etc. That is the wrong philosophy about life. A day is not bad until we think it is. The way we see things will determine how we feel about them. It’s just a matter of perspective. Shakespeare said “nothing is either good nor bad, but thinking makes it so”. Therefore, for you to control your day you must change the way you see things.

Bad days are not really bad

Sometimes the worst things that can happen to you are the most fruitful and inspiring moments of your life. The is always growth in any situation you face, but you must see it that way first. Let’s revisit the example discussed before. After they have fired you and maybe unjustly, that might be in reality, the best thing to ever happen to you. You see, most of the time The universe ( God, karma, whatever you believe in) knows more about what you should do and what is best for you. So after you have lost the job. You are now free to go and pursue your dreams, because if you truly want to live a great happy life, you don’t need a job, you have to create your own job and financial independence. So it makes absolutely no sense to stress about any struggles in life. Why ? Firstly, it doesn’t help you in any way at all, it just raises your blood pressure and put deadly poison in your system, Secondly you can’t activate the creative part of your mind to solve the problem when you are in that negative state of consciousness. It simply doesn’t work that way.

In our societies it is really difficult and challenging to go against the tide and see things differently, especially if you live in a negative environment with no positive support whatsoever . It takes a lot of courage, but it is absolutely worth it after all. That’s why self-mastery is extremely critical to deal with bad days or any challenging situations. Most people believe that the things that happen to you are out of your control, so they assume that this means you are bound to a life of misery and negativity. Well the first part is actually true , we can’t control what happens in the universe, but that doesn’t matter, what really matters is what happens in you, not to you. This mindset will therefore enable you to control your inner thoughts, thus giving you control over your life and feelings.

The guilt of feeling good

Many times you when you will try to keep a positive attitude about what it’s perceived as a bad day you will feel kind of guilty because of that. You must first realize that you deserve to feel good and positive at all times , that is your human right. But society let us believe that it’s like our duty to go with the flow of the dominant feelings in any given situation. If the economy is bad then you should feel scared and anxious, if you face failure in businesses then you should feel bad and discouraged. The way you feel about anything is totally in your hands. We are emotional beings, but we are also intellectual and spiritual beings, so you must let the three parts of your existence work in harmony. Use your emotions for motivation and drive, use your intellect for reasoning and creativity, use your spirit for resolve and character. If you don’t control your emotions they will eventually use you.

Your family and friends won’t understand why you have a different and positive attitude about your life experiences. You can tell them and yourself that I own my universe and I stand guard in its door to anything that will make me feel bad. Even if I lose someone I love, I can’t let that stop me from feeling positive about life and move forward. It might seem cold to you now, how can you be positive after you lose someone dear ? It’s impossible. Well it’s only possible if you believe so. Society programming taught us from an early age that life will make you feel bad sometimes no matter how you try to stay positive. That is just paradigm of thoughts that you can change, many great people have done it, why not you ?

We were born in a society with negative beliefs about life. Don’t buy into that. It might seem strange to you for the first time, to stay positive no matter what, but it’s what we are supposed to do if we want to achieve success and fulfillment. It is actually a choice that you must live by. Let me end this by asking you this simple question : if you had to choose between being the only positive person in the world and hated by others or being negative like everyone else and loved by others, what would you choose ?


February 8, 2017

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