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Cultivating a Positive Mental Attitude Is Not Difficult At All

I’m pretty sure that the title of this subject will be confusing for many people. But fear not , everything will be discussed in great details. What does it mean to fool yourself ? It simply implies that you will pretend to be something even though in reality you are not. Now, I’m confident that you have seen many public speakers talking with energy and power and you wonder : Oh boy I wish I can do that , how did they do it ? You will be surprised to know that many of the people you see performing with such confidence and power had developed this ability, and at one point in their history it was a challenge for them.

What is a positive mental attitude ?

Positive mental attitude is the right mental attitude in all circumstances. Success attracts more success while failure attracts more failure.

— Napoleon Hill

A positive mental attitude in your life simply means that you always try to see the good stuff in life and ignore the bad stuff. You have what we call a great sense of self-esteem and a positive self-image. If you are facing a problem in your work or personal life you still are able to concentrate on finding the solution rather than getting stuck in focusing on the problem. Positive attitude or outlook on life also means that you deal with people in such way that they feel more energized and positive after they engage in conversations with you. You can have this effect on a large group of people, when they feel that there is lack of positive vibes in your absence and the contrary in your presence.

Refusing to engage in any negative endeavor no matter how tempting it might be is a clear indication of a powerful sense of self-esteem that translates into positive attitude. The word positive can differ in meaning from person to person but in honest and simple terms, positive attitude is feeling good about you and others no matter what you face.

Get into a positive mental attitude 

It’s not easy to keep a positive attitude when your house is destroyed by a natural disaster or someone dear to you doesn’t love you anymore or you lose your job and your financial life is at risk. That’s why you should never wait for outer circumstances to give you this attitude, life simply doesn’t allow it. On the other hand, you can create it from within. In order to feel good about yourself , try saying to yourself ” I’m good today, I feel amazing” even though you are not in reality having those feeling. That’s why we call it fooling yourself or in modern society terms ” fake it till you make it”. Repeating this process over and over until those feeling start to build up and become real is proven by science. A lot of studies from different psychological authorities shows that on average after 15 minutes of doing this technique, you automatically start to feel the result of it. However it cannot work if you just say the words without any emotional support, meaning you repeat the words “I feel good , I feel great” like a parrot without thinking about it . Every thought that our mind entertain cannot have any effect on our psychic unless it’s mixed with emotions. That is true for both negative and positive thoughts. Most people fail to achieve desirable results from this process simply because they either don’t take it seriously or they don’t add any emotional input to it.

For how long should I do it ?

The answer to this question is rather simple : as long as it is required. In fact, you never stop. We are bombarded by negative messages every single day from different sources ( people, news, observation, advertising …), so fooling yourself into a positive outlook is of utmost necessity. I know that some of you might be thinking the following : If I always need to fake it, when will I ever just have it without any fooling ? It’s actually a good question. I have good news for you, faking it over and over will create a habit for having this attitude and therefore it will become a part of your consciousness. Thank God for that. You won’t to fake it anymore but just summon it when you need it. Like having a switch that you can turn on whenever you like. Isn’t that amazing !

Staying positive all the time requires a lot of effort from you part, especially the first time you engage in this process. But after a while it will be all worth it. I can swear on that from my own experience. You will be wondering about how didn’t I have this energy before. Because life now has a different taste, a sweeter taste , no more bitterness.


February 8, 2017

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