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3 Simple Techniques To Improve Your Sleep Quality 

If you ask any successful person about how important sleep is, they would honestly tell you that it is crucial to their success. When we talk about sleep quality, people usually only think about the duration of sleeping. However, the picture is much bigger. Sleep quality is about the duration, the timing, and the methodology. We are going to tell you about each one in details.

Sleep duration is critical

This is obviously the case for many people. If you want more quality in your sleep add more hours, right ? Well, not that fast. Actually, sleep duration varies from person to person. Some people are good with only 5 or 6 hours, while others feel lousy if they don’t get 8 hours of sleep.

Scientists found out that different age groups require different sleep duration. To give you an idea about this difference here is a chart from The National Sleep Foundation.


By using this chart you can experiment with different hours. For example : if you are an adult between 25-64 then try 7 hours of sleep for one night and see how it goes. If you still not satisfied you can add another hour the next day. You must stay in the recommended range for better quality. Others factors also come into play like the following one.

Sleep cycle (timing)

Your sleep cycle is the timing of your sleep. It seems that these questions are important to determine the quality of your sleep : when you slept ? when you woke up ?. For this one, I recommend using your biological clock. You do know that our bodies are programmed by nature to wake up at a specific time without any alarm ! If you are not sure, think about the old times when there were no smartphones or even a simple clock to wake you up at dawn time. People in that era were having quality sleep without the light noise that we are experiencing right now. Electricity changed the world, but in this case combined with the irresponsible consumption of man, is not a blessing.

To know your natural sleep cycle I recommend testing it for a couple of days by simply not setting an alarm (don’t try this the night before a big event or an important morning meeting, you are not quite there, to fully trust your natural clock especially if you haven’t been using it for so long ). There a lot of smartphone apps that can help with this by using your phone sensors to track your daily cycles.

My favorite is  Simple Sleep Cycle that  you can download for iOS or Android.

Sleep methodology and formats

This simply means how you sleep. First, let’s talk about sleep position, do you sleep on your stomach, sides or back? The way you sleep dramatically affect the quality of your nights. If you wake up usually tired or feeling weak, maybe you can change sides and experiment. Always experiment to find the things that suit you. In common practice, it has been said that sleeping on your right side is the most beneficial way because your heart is on the left and your organs are not squashed like in other positions and also your breathing is easier. Pillow position can also be a crucial factor for you sleep quality particularly because your neck curvature for 7 or 8 hours can seriously affect your posture for the whole day.

Sleep methodology is also about what to eat before sleeping and what not. Of course, if you are drinking more coffee before sleep you will have a tough time resting your eyes. Other factors can include having sex or not, the quality of the bed, the air surrounding the room, the noise from the streets, etc. But in this case, common sense practices are the way to go.

Sleep tight this night and remember that your morning will be as good as your night was.

February 8, 2017

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