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10 questions to ask if you have a poverty mindset

In this “Investing in Yourself” training article we confront a mindset that keeps many people bound in the cycle of poverty and failure and give you the insight and practical steps needed to overcome a poverty mindset and get you into a new cycle of prosperity and success! 

Everyone has dreams of what they will be or what they will do with their lives.  Some people want to go into business for themselves while others want to start a non-profit or travel the world.  Whatever your vision for your life is are you being limited in accomplishing that by what is known as a poverty mindset?  This training is meant to help you identify if you have a poverty mindset that limits you on achieving your dream and gives you practical information on how to overcome it.

Most mindsets are formed by first believing a lie or having false perception about ourselves, others or God.  Somewhere along the way we have bought into a falsehood that is keeping us back from God’s best for our lives!  So What is a poverty mindset?  A poverty mindset is one of limitations!  It says you can never have a better life because you come from the wrong side of the tracks or nothing has ever worked for you or you can never do that because _______ (place in the blank your excuse), then lists a hundred reasons why you can’t!  It constantly gives you excuses as to why you cannot achieve your dream yet never gives you reasons for why you can or offers ideas or solutions to problems!  Does this sound familiar to you?  If so you may have a poverty mindset!   Now ask yourself the following questions.  The answers to these questions will identify whether or not you have a poverty mindset.

1.)        Do you believe that you can actually have my dream that I can actually do this?

2.)        Do you have a fear of failing?

3.)        Do you believe that making money is hard and resources are limited to you?

4.)        Do you often say the words I can’t?

5.)        Do you believe that nothing you do will succeed?

6.)        Do you constantly think about your lack of money?

7.)        Are you jealous of successful people?

8.)        Do you hate rich people?

9.)        Do you believe nothing good will ever happen to you?

10.)      Do you offer excuses as to why you can’t instead of finding reasons to just do it?

If the majority of your answers is yes, then you have a poverty mindset!  Now let’s talk about how to change that into a mindset that will propel you into your destiny and into fulfilling your dreams!

The first step to overcoming the poverty mindset you just accomplished and that is realizing that you have one!  You cannot overcome what you do not confront and you cannot confront what you do not know exists!  Now that you know you have a poverty mindset how do you overcome it?  Start by identifying the lie or false perceptions you are believing!  Invite the Holy Spirit into this ask Him to show you what lie is at the root of what you are believing.  Some of these lies you may already know based on the answers to the questions that you were asked; others may be revealed as you are reading through this article.  Be open to how the Holy Spirit will reveal it to you.  Then begin basing what you think on the truth of God’s word.  A lie you may be believing is that you are not worthy of anything good happening to you but God’s word says that God loves you and He sent His only begotten Son to die in your place.  That’s a great indication that the God who created all things, including you, finds you worthy of this extraordinary gift of His Son!  Once, the Holy Spirit reveals the lie go to God’s word and find the truth and meditate on that instead of the lie.  Repent of that lie and believe the truth!  Choose this day which one you will do – believe the lie or believe the truth!

Now let’s look at how successful, wealthy people think and actions that they take!  This will assist you in overcoming the poverty mindset and in creating the right mindset in you.  Successful, wealthy people think differently than those who are neither successful or wealthy.  They do not believe that life happens to them they believe that success is a choice!  They do not think about giving excuses instead they think about finding ways to achieve what they want to do.  They look for opportunities!  They do not work hard for their money they make money work hard for them.  They do not see money as inherently evil, instead they see it as a tool to give them the life they want.  They work smarter not harder!  Successful, wealthy people believe in investing in themselves!  They live life on purpose!

Do you see differences in how successful, wealthy people think and the way you think?  If so, start by changing your thinking.  Whenever, a negative thought enters your mind cast it down!  Don’t let it sit there, linger, and take root!  Remember you are changing your mindset and creating the life that you want!  The choice is yours!

Take some action steps!  We have already discussed a couple of action steps such as finding what lie you are believing and replacing it with the truth and getting rid of negative thoughts!  Successful, wealthy people believe, as has been stated, in investing in themselves.  They don’t take all their money or all their time and invest in entertainment!  They take the money in their hands and invest in a new skill, a conference or in coaching/training that will add value to themselves.  This, in turn, will allow them to buy more of the things they want and do more of the things they want to do because they have learned a new skill or applied learned strategies and techniques to accomplish their dreams and goals!

Here is another action step –  go out and invest in yourself!  Take the money you would have spent on a movie or a meal out and use it to take that course or buy those materials that will enhance you!  Giving up a short term satisfaction will pay off in huge dividends that will change your life for the better.  For example, if you are having trouble managing your finances, then invest in something that teaches you how to better handle your money!  If you want to fulfill that lifelong dream, then invest in personal coaching or training that will guide you through the process of doing that!  The little you pay out now in the near future will give you a better, improved life one you have always wanted!

February 8, 2017

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